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Why Use Real Property Management Miami?

If you have a single rental home or hundreds of investment properties, trust the professionals at Real Property Management to manage your property. Professional guidance and rigorous processes help you get the best rental rate, with quality tenants who stay longer and take care of your property.

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–John H.

Real Property Management Client

They have demonstrated the professionalism and work ethic that has earned my complete trust. They are a tremendous asset for me and take care of everything start to finish.

I don’t want to deal with getting people in or getting them out. They hit it hard to get people into the units. Tenant screening is thorough and professional, and we’ve had good reliable tenants


Real Property Management Client

  • On-Going Communication
  • Comprehensive Marketing & Advertising
  • Thorough Tenant Screening & Selection
  • Comprehensive Accounting
  • Full-Service Leasing
  • Timely Rent Collection
  • Cost-Effective, Reliable Maintenance
  • Strict and Compliant Evictions

Let us do the work for you

We deal with legal issues.

You have peace of mind.

If you don’t understand the law or have adequate representation it can cost you time and money. We know how to navigate the eviction process and its technicalities. We understand tenant-landlord laws and local regulations. Plus, our thorough and objective tenant screening helps prevent stressful situations from occurring.

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